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Alma Soprano ICE Platinum

Laser Hair Removal system that makes life a bit smoother.

The Soprano Ice Platinum ICE has proven to be one of the most successful laser hair removal by the various awards it has won throughout the years. To be a bit more exact 10 years of winning success. Why would make this laser system different from its competitors?

This specific hair removal system uses the SHR's method to painlessly remove hair by heating and delivering energy to effectively damage the hair follicle and also by preventing pain to the surrounding tissue.

On what skin types can this laser work on? Well we know that this is an important question because none of us are the same so we look a bit deeper to find out... I guess the answer is... ALL SKIN TYPES! We know that darker skin can be a lot more sensitive to the heat which hair removal laser give out but with the Soprano ICE's this won't be another scary trip to the doctor.

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