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Syneron Candela Gentlemax Pro

Laser Hair Removal system that makes life a bit smoother.

Now here with the GentleMax Pro laser. We know now that there are a variety of hair removal lasers to choose from but here are some extras that you can add to your list. One system that that can deliver multiple treatments.

We saw that the GentleMax Pro can be used on all skin types that uses its dual wavelength laser platform to make the treatment go as fast as it powerful with the 755nm Alexandrite AND the 1064nm Nd:YAG, alright enough with the bragging.

Now will this be an uncomfortable treatment? Well the Laser hair removal uses a Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) where the skin is treated by spraying a layer of cooling cryogen in adjustable durations before the laser pulses. So, I would say it must be comfortable, might get a lollipop when you leave, surely satisfied.

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