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the best technology for endovascular treatment

Powerful, versatile and rich in accessories: the QuadroStarPRO940 with infrared 940nm wavelength is minimally invasive in treating varicose veins, guaranteeing effective and cutting edge treatment for venous incompetence.

Latest diode technology in a Table-Top design

Infrared laser light is perfectly suited to endovascular treatments. Thanks to its ease of absorption in hemoglobin, it is possible to treat small blood vessels quickly, effectively and gently. The new diode technology achieves a very high power (up to 30 Watt) and guarantees the highest reliability in a tabletop format and with no running costs.

New display

The clear and sharp display with touch-sensitive buttons and a user-friendly interface allows an intuitive and pleasant working environment for an optimum treatment procedure. The five treatment modes (Basic, Expert, Burst, Varix, CW) are optimized specifically for the applications.



QuadroStarPRO 940




The new MeDioStar® is the 6th generation high power diode laser from Asclepion. It is the latest innovation in design and technology and is distinguished by maximum power, the shortest pulses, the largest range of handpieces and many other features.


Tattoo Removal

The PicoStar is using the most modern technology for the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions and permanent makeup. Thanks to the highest energy and shortest pulses the treatment with the PicoStar is fast, gentle, mostly bloodless and does not leave any scars.

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