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Aura Lasers is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic laser medicine. Using different technologies, a variety of treatments can be performed. Thousands of users in over 70 countries worldwide place their trust in Aura Lasers and its proven scientific expertise.

Based in England


The most advanced diode laser hair removal system that combines 4 wavelengths to 

permanently and safely remove hair pain-free on all Fitzpatrick skin types.


The AURA CO2 Dermablate laser uses a 10,600nm wavelength which is ideal for collagen matrix renewal and an optimal choice for treating an extensive range of dermatological issues.

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The QuatroFacial uses a radial tip to provide hydrogen directly into the skin lesion, thereby eliminating active oxygen and reducing damaged cells by active oxygen to restore healthy cells.


The latest Pico technology provides excellent results in the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions and permanent make-up …

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